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PSA: U.S. Internet Infrastructure Companies Have New Registration Requirements in 2017 Under the DMCA

The i2Coalition represents the singular voice of the Internet infrastructure industry, regularly educating legislators and regulators about the role of the Internet intermediary. One such important piece of regulation is the DMCA, or Digital Millennium Copyright Act, which primarily deals with the protection of intellectual property, their digital distribution methods, access safeguards, and more.

On December 1st the Copyright Office initiated a new online system to designate an agent for receipt of notice under the DMCA. Previously, you were required to complete a paper form and mail it to the Copyright Office. To qualify for safe harbor under the DMCA, all providers must now register or reregister under the new system. You must do this regardless of whether you were previously registered. You will also have ongoing obligations to validate and update your designation. For our members and others in the Internet infrastructure industry, we recommend updating your notification and registered agent or handler immediately.

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