Internet Governance

The Internet Governance Working Group coordinates i2Coalition’s engagement with the multistakeholder communities that manage the global root, and how the Internet is managed in the global landscape. The Working Group coordinates the i2Coalition’s engagement with  ICANN as well as in other Internet Governance forums.

Recent Internet Governance Working Group projects include:

  • Engagement in the IANA transition process, facilitating meetings between industry leaders and the NTIA as well as providing extensive public comments on both CWG and CCWG work products.
  • Public comments on numerous ICANN related issues to advance our voice within the multi- stakeholder model, including recent comments on Privacy & Proxy Accreditation.
  • Participation in the work of ICC-BASIS, where we provide a voice to the Internet infrastructure community within the greater business community on Internet governance issues.
  • Monitoring & participation on important discussions on surveillance reform, CFAA reform, DMCA reform, the IANA transition and trade issues such as the Trans Pacific Partnership.
  • Participation in both both the ISPCP and BC ICANN constituencies of ICANN, where we actively participate on behalf of our non-contracted members.

If you’d like to be involved with the Internet Governance Working Group, please contact Membership Director, Hilary van der Meulen, using the form below.

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