Gender Diversity & Equity Initiative

The Gender Diversity & Equity Initiative is focused on the promotion of gender diversity and general equality within the technology industry.  A working group of our members supports this initiative by engaging industry leaders to publicly discuss how diversity and equity improvements can be made and advising and partnering with existing groups that support diversity and equity in technology education and work places.

Core Values

  • Advocate
    • Be a voice to promote diversity and equality in industries supporting Internet technology and operations.
  • Network
    • Promote networking activities to encourage and support diversity and equality in technology fields.
  • Collaborate
    • Support the needs of organizations already working to provide educational and other opportunities in an effort to improve diversity and equality in technology fields.

What we’re working on…

  • Bring together panelists to engage in an open dialogue about how we can all contribute to the improvement of diversity and equality in our space.
  • Advise and partner with women in technology groups on critical issues.
  • Support similar initiatives in the community.
  • Work with our members to establish internship opportunities with local girls in technology groups.

Chair:  Elisabeth Kurek

Co-Chair:  Darcy Southwell, Endurance International Group


If you’d like to be involved with the Gender Diversity & Equity Initiative, please contact Membership Director, Hilary van der Meulen, using the form below.

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