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This organization invests in the future of the Internet’s infrastructure and fights for a free and open Internet. Companies like this make a huge difference in ensuring that the Internet stays a place that is driven by innovation. One way in which they do this is as members of the i2Coalition, a trade association dedicated to building a singular voice for the companies that make up the Internet’s infrastructure.

i2Coalition membership comprises of diverse and innovative key players from across the Internet infrastructure industry and around the world. Our members include hosting providers, domain registries, domain registrars, cloud services providers, data centers, payment processors, software developers and more. The i2Coalition is funded by member dues and our agenda and projects are set by members.

If you want to join this company in their fight for Internet freedom, consider becoming an i2Coalition member today.

The Internet Infrastructure Industry is under threat by a number of different forces across the globe. In areas of security, privacy, and intellectual property, all eyes are on the Internet infrastructure industry. It is essential that we have a seat at the table and a voice to explain the unique approaches this industry takes to problem-solving. We must speak up for the industry when proposed solutions would break the back of our industry. A voice the industry needs if we wish to not just survive but to thrive. Our chorus starts with your voice.

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