Trade Policy

Internet infrastructure providers facilitate global trade. Our businesses have created unparalleled access to goods, information, and services.  Internet infrastructure businesses are a platform that has created a more level platform for businesses around the world to gain access to markets outside their geographic area.  The ability to provide infrastructure services across the globe is critical to the world’s economy. Global trade policies of the past twenty years have facilitated this increase in trade and should continue to do so.

For decades global trade negotiations have focused on removing barriers to the global exchange of goods. This focus should include infrastructure services, and the products and services sold on the Internet. Trade restrictions under the guise of national priorities should be subject to public comment, industry vetting, and debate. Policies that have failed to achieve national consensus and implementation should not be included in trade negotiations. The Internet has been effectively administered by those who run and benefit from it. There is no need for supranational regulation or administration.

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Recent Updates On Trade Policy

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