Intermediary Liability Issues

On the Internet, generally, a third party is always involved. Discussions around the responsibility of that third party is a matter of determining liability in circumstances of real or perceived wrongdoing. i2Coalition is an expert voice in how Internet infrastructure providers should be dealt with as intermediaries.

Copyright Law

Respect for intellectual property rights is a given.  Concepts related to copyright are culturally based.  What has been agreed upon in one country as an effective means of balancing innovation with copyright concepts may not be effective in another.  Infrastructure providers have the means of applying copyright laws in the jurisdiction in which they are located.  Recognizing that data flows across borders, any discussion of remedies for copyright infringement. and procedures that impact infrastructure providers must be undertaken with a consideration for cultural sensibilities, impact on innovation, and the rejection of similar concepts worldwide.

Liability of Infrastructure Providers 

Responsibility for content resides with those who create or consume content.  Policies that attempt to place responsibility, or liability, for that content on intermediaries are misguided.  A determination of what violates a particular law, or concept, is the best place for an independent entity like the judiciary system.

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Recent Updates On Intermediary Liability

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