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Internet Infrastructure In Trump’s US

We’d like everyone, as our members already do, to know that the i2Coalition is well positioned to be a vital voice in US politics next year. As such, we are hosting our first webinar, “Internet Infrastructure In Trump’s US” to discuss the expected broad strokes for these issues in 2017.

In 2017 we will begin providing i2Coalition members with the opportunity to participate in unique webinars as part of their membership. The webinar series will include Q&As with industry and policy leaders, as well as issue centric town hall-style discussions, where members can have their questions answered by experts. We are also excited to announce that these first webinars will be free and open to potential members!

We are preparing initiatives on fundamental issues to our industry, including intermediary liability, copyright, patent reform, trade, encryption, and government access to data. Any one of these issues could bring threats to your business. The i2Coalition is working diligently to prevent those threats. Webinars will cover these topics, what the i2Coalition and its members does to combat them, and more.

If you would like to attend this webinar it will be held twice, one before the holidays, another just prior to inauguration:

We’d like to encourage all members of the i2Coalition to join us, as well as any industry professionals, who have questions about the future of the industry in our current political climate. We’ll contact you to verify you and shout company’s details after you sign up. We’re looking forward to discussing these issues with you soon!


With the speed of the cabinet appointment process we will be postponing the December session so to include the most up-to-date information to create a richer and more accurate dialogue.

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