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Industry Influence Working Groups

Public Policy Working Group

The i2Coalition believes that an open and free Internet drives economic growth and enhances the lives of people around the globe. As an organization, we promote policies that foster continued development and expansion of the Internet.

The i2Coalition Public Policy Working Group is responsible for determining the specific responses for the i2Coalition in regards to global policy issues that are important to the Internet’s infrastructure. Recent achievements have centered around Net Neutrality and surveillance reform, achieved through engagement with the FCC.

i2Coalition’s Policy Director provides monthly policy briefings for members on the state of new policies, their potential impact, and how they can get their voice heard by the relevant policymakers.

The i2Coalition engages in policy matters and meets regularly to discuss issues relevant to the Internet Industry. Policy Group members take an active role in reviewing policy and writing briefs on behalf of i2Coalition that support the industry’s goals. 

ICANN Working Group

The i2Coalition’s ICANN Working Group decides the i2Coalition’s position on Internet governance issues, as well as coordinating the i2Coalition’s engagement with the multistakeholder communities that manage the root and other global functions of the Internet.

Recent ICANN Committee projects include:

  • Public comments on numerous ICANN-related issues to advance our voice within the multi-stakeholder model, including on ICANN Budgets and Five Year Plans.
  • Participation in both the ISPCP and BC ICANN constituencies of ICANN, where we actively participate on behalf of our non-contracted members.
  • Cooperating with similarly aligned organizations on educational initiatives.
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