i2Coaliton 2019 Announces Congressional Fly-In Dates: Sept. 17-18

The i2Coaliton Congressional Fly-In is the annual event in Washington D.C. that brings i2Coalition members to the epicenter of US Internet policy¬†to discuss the issues most important to their business with Congress and key policy influencers. The first day will feature meetings with executive branches and special industry and government guests. The second day will be a “Hill Day” where we’re working on a great mix of meetings with high-level officials and follow ups to offices we’ve been working with this year.

This is the opportunity for Internet infrastructure leaders to stand up for the industry that drives online commerce.

Based on member feedback, the Fly-In date will be:

September 17-18

We are excited about these new dates. Congress will be in session dealing with a slew of issues that are vital to the Internet infrastructure industry, and D.C. will be less hot and humid than in the summer months.

i2Coalition members, please mark this on your calendars.