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Green Power Partners in the Internet Infrastructure Industry

As head of the Internet Infrastructure Coalition (i2Coalition), I often highlight how our industry drives innovation. While the innovation I refer to is largely focused on the nuts and bolts of the Internet, it also extends beyond traditional parameters. Our industry has an ongoing tradition of finding new ways to make our system structures and technological advances more energy efficient.

Case in point, i2Coalition founding member Rackspace was recently named number 16 on the Environmental Protection Agency’s “Top 20 Tech & Telecom” list of “Green Power Partners” due to its commitment to renewable energy.

We believe that access to reliable and affordable energy is integral to the growth and success of our customers businesses here at the Rack. In order to make sure that’s true now and in the future, our Global Energy Policy provides the framework for how we think about energy:

  • Energy Conservation:We incorporate energy conservation and efficiency into decision-making in the way we build, buy and operate.
  • Renewable Energy:Our goal is to reliably and affordably power all of our operations with renewable energy.
  • Advocacy: Our goal is to insure that our partners are in alignment with our goals around Energy Conservation and Renewable Energy.

There is a lot of misinformation about the Internet regarding energy use and Rackspace is a good example of how our industry remains committed to energy efficiency and conservation. Please join me in congratulating i2Coalition member Rackspace!

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