The i2Coalition believes that the Electronic Communications Privacy Act (ECPA) must be reformed to better reflect the evolution of the Internet. Since ECPA was originally enacted in 1986, technology has made significant advancements, yet the statute remains largely unchanged. The most pressing need is to enact a warrant requirement for government searches of electronic communications, which would protect privacy and guarantee digital due process.

Citizens are growing impatient about the disconnect between this law and the reality of modern technology.  Michigan officials recognize the importance of protecting individual privacy assured by the Constitution and are urging Congress to take action. State Representative Frank Foster introduced a resolution last week encouraging Congress to amend ECPA to require authorities to have a warrant to access online communications.

We applaud Representative Foster’s initiative in advocating for the protection of online privacy and hope that he and his cosponsors will be successful. As we continue to wait for Congressional action, we can expect other states to follow Michigan’s lead in applying pressure for this critical legislative reform.

**ECPA is only one of the legislative priorities for the i2Coalition. On February 26-27, we are headed to Congress for our Internet Advocacy Day on Capitol Hill to educate lawmakers on just how the Internet works and invite you to join us. Learn more about how you help us in our efforts today.**