As members of the Internet infrastructure industry, we often talk about new technologies and driving innovation for long-term growth of the Internet.  That innovation extends beyond traditional mediums and is being celebrated today with the first annual Data Innovation Day. The i2Coalition is proud to be a partner organization on this important occasion that is sponsored by the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation (ITIF).

The goal of Data Innovation Day is to highlight the opportunities surrounding increased access and usage of information. This year’s theme is fittingly “Big Data. Bigger Opportunities.” In today’s society, we are connected with virtually all the information we could possibly want for almost any industry, mainly because of the Internet.

The Internet infrastructure industry is the platform on which all this innovation is happening. Our industry provides a critical service that is fundamental to the Internet. From web hosting and data center providers to cloud computing services and software and service delivery, our industry empowers increased access to information in the U.S. and around the world.

As part of the celebration, numerous events and panels have been organized throughout the U.S., including several in Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and Berkeley and Santa Clara, California. There is also an online event for those not in the area, but would like to participate.

The i2Coalition is pleased to be a partner in what promises to be a momentous day and invite you to celebrate with us online by promoting Data Innovation Day on your social networks and using #datainnovation on Twitter.