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August 2014

Webspace Enterprises Joins i2Coalition

By |Aug 22, 2014|

The following is a guest post from Webspace Enterprises about joining the i2Coalition.

Webspace Enterprises, Inc., founded in 2000, focuses on providing its clients with totally customized E-commerce solutions that capture their unique value proposition and integrate with vendors and back-end systems. E-commerce has contributed to the explosive growth and […]

Media Venture Partners Joins i2Coalition

By |Aug 12, 2014|

The following is a guest post from Media Venture Partners about joining the i2Coalition.

Media Venture Partners (“MVP”) provides investment banking advisory services for companies of all sizes and stages – from bootstrapped entrepreneurs to established corporations in the Internet infrastructure, telecom, towers and media sectors. By immersing ourselves in […]

CSC Leasing Company Joins i2Coalition

By |Aug 11, 2014|

The following is a guest post from CSC Leasing Company about joining the i2Coalition.

CSC Leasing Company is headquartered in Richmond, Virginia with offices throughout the Mid-Atlantic. We serve clients across the United States, and into Canada, and Europe. For the past 27 years, our company has focused on leasing […]

July 2014

AltusHost Joins i2Coalition

By |Jul 31, 2014|

The following is a guest post from AltusHost about joining the i2Coalition.

AltusHost B.V. is a European Web Hosting company based in Amsterdam, Netherlands.  AltusHost has been providing quality Web Hosting services since 2008. Our Goal at AltusHost is to provide high quality managed web hosting services at the lowest […]

May 2014

Hostwinds Joins i2Coalition

By |May 28, 2014|

Hostwinds, LLC., a web hosting company based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, is staffed by a group of individuals who daily fuel their commitment to generate the highest level of service and support in the industry. Hostwinds is a motivated and driven team that strives to remain ahead of the competition […]

SiteGround joins the i2Coalition

By |May 13, 2014|

The following is a guest post from Tenko Nikolov, CEO of SiteGround.

I remember back in 2011 when the anti-SOPA campaign was in full swing.  I feared that the web companies were the only ones standing against this threat of unseen censorship over the internet usage, that we had no chance […]

The SSL Store Joins i2Coalition

By |May 8, 2014|

The following is commentary by Kevin Johnson, Channel Manager for The SSL Store™, about becoming a member of the i2Coalition.

The SSL Store™ is the largest provider of SSL certificates in the world and the first Web Security Specialist Partner of Symantec. We take the utmost pride in offering SSL certificates […]

March 2014

Pivotal Payments Lends its Support and Thought Leadership to the i2Coalition

By |Mar 19, 2014|

The following post is from Pivotal Payments about becoming a member of the i2Coalition.

Pivotal Payments is a leading provider of merchant services and global payment processing solutions to a variety of e-commerce, m-commerce and general card not present companies, including hosted services and domain registration providers. Its GlobalOne payment […]

CodeGuard Joins i2Coalition

By |Mar 12, 2014|

The following post is from CodeGuard about becoming a member of the i2Coalition.

CodeGuard provides peace of mind to website owners and brand protection for hosting providers around the world. We do this by securely and reliably backing up websites, and then restoring them when issues arise. Our customers trust […]

Internet Pharmacy Anti-Abuse Company LegitScript Joins i2Coalition

By |Mar 6, 2014|

The follow is commentary by new member LegitScript about joining the i2Coalition.

At LegitScript, we spend a lot of time fighting the underbelly of the Internet: rogue Internet pharmacies selling Vicodin or other drugs without requiring a prescription, websites selling fake AIDS or cancer cures and ripping people off, and […]